WalMart Prepaid Visa

WalMart Prepaid Visa

WalMart Prepaid Visa

WalMart prepaid visa cardsare quickly becoming popular in the pre-paid debit card market, almost entirely due to the nationwide presence of WalMart stores, and their formidable budget for advertising and promoting the cards.   We advise you to read the benefits and drawbacks carefully, as WalMart seems to have skewed some items, like fees, heavily in their favor.

That said, The WalMart prepaid visa card is a safe alternative to a regular credit card and offers protection from overdraft problems or penalty fees as you can only withdraw what has been loaded onto the card, provided you use it as a debit card.

The Walmart Prepaid Visa card offers these features :
  • No Checking or Bank account needed
  • No Credit Check
  • No Minimum Balance required
  • Free withdrawals from thousands of ATM’s
WalMart prepaid cards also offers a variety of simple ways to load cash onto your cards. Here are the various options for loading or reloading cash value:
  • Direct Deposit of your Paycheck
  • MoneyPak – reload packs
  • Online reload via Bank Account
The WalMart prepaid Visa debit cards can be used in many different ways, making them a great alternative to carrying cash. This can be a safer alternative to carrying large amounts of cash. You can use your prepaid visa card to :
  • Shop Online
  • Get cash from ATM’s
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Send cash to Family and Friends
  • Use anywhere that Visa cards are accepted

Walmart Prepaid visa card Fee’s :

Pay attention to this list of fees, because in our estimation, they are higher than the competition, and in total, fairly excessive:
  • Monthly fee: $4.95
  • Load fee: $4.95
  • Reload fee: $4.95
  • ATM withdrawal fee: $1.95
  • Cash advance fee: $4.00
  • ATM Balance inquiry: $0.50
  • ATM Declined withdrawal fee: $0.50
  • Stolen card replacement fee: $10.00
  • Statement fee (by request): $2.00
  • Minimum deposit amount: $20
  • Maximum daily purchase limit: $2,500
  • Customer service fee: $3.50
  • Automated phone system charge: $0.75
  • Phone operator charge: $.41 per minute, up to $1.00
Here’s the lowdown on what all that means.   Once you buy a card, you will have paid almost $12 in fees, before even making an ATM withdrawal.   With that first withdrawal, you’ll be charged another $1.95, taking the total of fees up closer to $14.

The main upside seems to be that everyone is automatically approved for WalMart prepaid Visa debit cards once one is purchased. They do not offer personalized cards or the ability to put  your name on card. WalMart does offer it’s users a online website where you can inquire about your account information.

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