Kids Prepaid Visa

Kids Prepaid Visa

Kids Prepaid Visa

The Upside prepaid visa card is perfect for parents looking to give there kids the versatility of a credit card.  Issued by MetaBank Sioux Falls in San Deigo these Upside prepaid cards are very reliable and secure. They are also licensed by Visa U.S.A. Inc making these cards reliable and secure.

Upside card
The Upside prepaid debit card offers parents an option to provide there teenagers credit cards while being able to monitor all purchases and money transfers. These reports for monitoring the card use are done in “real time”  so parents can keep track of card activity very closely via online access.

This is a safer alternative to cash or a regular credit card as there are no threat of overspending , end of month credit card payments , or late fee’s. This is an excellent option for high school students or college students operation on a budget. Put your kid’s allowance on the cards weekly while teaching them a financial lesson in the process.

The Upside Visa prepaid credit card offers a various array of plans to suit everyone’s needs :
  • Upside Clear Plan – Plan for parents looking to give kids a prepaid card with no ATM access for controled spending. But this plan does not supply the parents with Spending alerts. This plan allows parents to try out the Upside Prepaid cards for Free.
  • Upside Access Plan – This is a more flexable plan that allows the cardholder to have ATM access and for users over 18 check writing service also. This plan also allows for a maximum balance of $2,000 adding to the cards useage.
  • Upside Edge Plan – This is the most advanced of all the plans offered allowing card holders to have ATM access along w/ check writing service (18+) along with a maximum balance of $5,000. This plan also offers free Direct Deposit if card holder has part time job etc. This plan also offers a 1% cash back rewards program on all funds added to the card. This is the best plan for children over 15 and by far the best plan for college kids. Full ATM access is for US and abroad making this plan a must of children plan to travel.
The Upside prepaid Visa debit card offers various options for parents to load cash onto there kids cards. You can load your childs prepaid cards via:
  • Load from checking or savings
  • Fund from credit or debit card
  • Direct Deposit from Paycheck
  • MoneyPak reloads from Retailers
The Upside card is a fairly affordable option with varying fee’s depending on the plan that you choose to use. Each plan has its own fee’s as follows:
  • Upside Clear Plan – No Activation Fee , No Monthly or Yearly Fee. $2.50 fee for credit/debit card and direct deposit loads.
  • Upside Access Plan – There is a $2.99 monthly charge, Credit/Debit card loads $2.50 , free direct deposit load option.
  • Upside Edge Plan – $29.95 Annual fee for card (this fee refunded if culmative card loads reach $2,900). Free Direct deposit loads , $2.50 fee for credit/debit card loads.
  • Special Bonus – $10 credits will be issued on cards once a total load amount reaches $1,100.  $20 credit will be issued on card once a total load amount of $2,000 is reached. On the “cash back” plan there is no limit to the amount of cash back rewards you can earn. There is also a “points” based rewards program for card plans in which points never expire.
Will all the great options offered by the Upside Prepaid Visa card it’s a must have for parents who want to start there child off on the financial process of owning your own credit card. Give you child the flexability and perk of having there own credit/debit card without all the risk.

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