Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card

Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card

Green Dot prepaid visa cards are quickly gaining respect in the prepaid debit card market. They offer a very reliable and easy to use product. Green Dot Visa prepaid debit cards are issued by Columbus Bank and Trust Company through Green Dot Corporation members FDIC. This makes the card extremely safe to use.

Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card
greendot visa

The Green Dot prepaid visa card is a safe alternative to a regular credit card and offers the protection of no overdraft problems or penalty fee’s as you can only spend what has been loaded onto the card.

The Green Dot Visa debit card offers many great feature :
  • No Checking or Bank account needed
  • No Credit Check
  • No Minimum Balance required
  • Free withdrawals from thousands of ATM’s
Green Dot prepaid cards also offers a various easy ways to load cash onto your cards. Here are the various cash loading options:
  • Direct Deposit of your Paycheck
  • MoneyPak – reload packs
  • Online reload via Bank Account
The Green Dot prepaid Visa debit cards can be used for many different functions making them a great alternative to carrying cash. This can make your daily travel a whole lot safer. You can use your Green Dot visa card to :
  • Shop Online
  • Get cash from ATM’s
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Send cash to Family and Friends
  • Use anywhere that Visa cards are accepted
Green Dot prepaid visa cards offer a wide array of products in the prepaid debit card market. Here are the various types of prepaid cards offered by Green Dot:
  • PrePaid Visa Card
  • PrePaid Visa NASCAR Card
  • PrePaid Online Shopping Card
  • PrePaid Express Bill Pay Card
  • PrePaid Visa Prepagada
Green Dot prepaid visa card Fee’s :
  • Visa Prepaid Card Purchase Price up to $4.95 ($6.95 for NASCAR card)
  • Monthly Service Fee $5.95 (Free if 30 or more purchases made or $1000 added)
  • FREE ATM withdrawals from participating ATM’s
  • ATM that are not part of network $2.50 per withdrawal (+possible location fee’s)
  • Lost / Stolen card replacement $6.00
  • ATM declined withdrawals ($0.50)
Everyone is automatically approved for Green Dot prepaid Visa debit cards once purchased. They also offer personalized cards with your name on card. Green Dot also offers it’s user a online website where you can handle your account information.

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